Swiss Anaesthesia Trainees

The Swiss Anaesthesia Trainees (SAT) Committee represents all anaesthesia residents as well as young specialists after completion of their post-graduate training. We represent their interests within the SSAPM and internationally within the ESAIC Trainee Network.

We aim to inform and promote exchanges between anesthesia residents in Switzerland, to encourage participation in national and international congresses, to contribute to the organization of targeted events and to help develop the post-graduate training program in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine.

We are happy to answer any questions young anaesthetists may have, from examinations to the organization of the training program in the different parts of the country.

We want to inspire enthusiasm for our discipline!

Committee :

Eric Jaunin (President)
Tatjana Dill (Vice-President, Education Officer)
Roberta Südy (General Secretary)
Alexandre Nguyen (Event Manager, Treasurer)
Catarina Rocha Baltazar (Event Manager Assistant, Social Media)
Iulia Crisan (Social Media, ESAIC Delegate)

SwissAnaesthesia Trainees’ Day Coordinator: Emeline Christophel